Lost in the rhythm of loneliness;
Reaching, searching, groping.
Will it ever end?
A yearning deep within my soul -
a friend, a touch, a plea for love.

Forging a true bond with another
seems elusive and fleeting.
Why is it so?
Isolation is easier, numbing -
Like anesthesia on the soul.

Teetering at the edge of solitude;
Can I traverse this vast chasm?
It is futility.
I cannot make the lengthy leap – no,
My deep despair overwhelms me.

Only One can reach this outcast soul;
I cautiously search for His tether.
Can I reach it?
The cord that binds my soul to His -
I cannot seize it on my own.

My quivering hand reaches out,
Desperate, pleading, praying.
Will he take it?
I close my eyes and wait, and then -
I feel a touch upon my hand.

He grips my soul and pulls me close;
His warm embrace surrounds me.
Oh perfect joy!
Alone no more; my soul at rest -
His tender love is all I need.



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