Thank you,
Thank you old foe,
for you have been the only true friend
I have never had.
Thank you,
for being the only one I could ever count on.
Thank you for disliking me and despising me and hating me with constancy.
Thank you for having the decency,
the respect to tell me.
Thank you for telling me you dislike me,
you despise me,
you hate me,
for you old foe,
your opinion
has always been the one
I have been able to count on.
All my friends tell me lies, pay homage.
They all give compliments,
Shading insults behind praise,
envy behind love,
love behind hate.
A self-love they acquire only
by masking the disgust they feel
towards their averageness.
By averagely looking at others
from a falsely superior point of view.
Thank you old foe,
For gracefully spitting in my face,
It was more honest and less painful
Than being stabbed in the back.
Thank you for being a lion of an opposition and a worthy contender and an honorable piece of shit,
For you standing against me,
Mean more to me than the snakelike
pathetic excuse of men
that have my back.



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