Did I see an alter ego twirling round the edges of a microscopic slide
or just another doughnut cell the crosshair must endure?
The answer surely lies  upon the fractal shoulders of a dinosauric factor tree I’ll  certainly become,
where  looping lens intrudes on self-mirage,
with virtual slant  as piggyback I dimly met before the
hidebound claw of precedent took root,
a wagtail canine bark at hoop nose faculty.
Amid that fractious world there lurks
an imposition deep inside a thin glass frame,
dry bone flock turned upshot on a  skeletal 
squint to minds off course,
deep freeze cabin vacuously threadbare ,
polarising focal point for ardent  scholar smitten by their optical zoom,
indebted to a cobalt marker label on one’s being for posterity to clinically dissect.
Field of vision analyte  or pentecostal ocean’s
blue-green algae,
nail file rigor mortis on reflection,
to awkwardly deflect or misconstrue.
Egghead hatching schemes on concave glassware
where annotation floats around dimensions,
with axis dumbing down prophetic tombs



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