Oregon Demon Cat

The demon cat
Lived in Medford Oregon

The demon cat was a big black cat
His eyes were filled with demonic energy
He stared at you

Looking into your very soul
Filled with anger, and hatred
For the entire human race

He seemed at times
To be not from this planet
Perhaps an alien species
Studying the human race

Or perhaps he came
Form hell itself

The demon cat loved to torment visitors
For some reason he hated the man’s daughter

The cat would stare at her from his perch
Down the hall from the old man

Then he would run at her
Screaming like an escaped banshee
Straight out of hell

She told her dad
Either the cat goes
Or I go

He said
See you later

The demon cat smiled
At the small victory

And she left the house
With the demon cat
Screeching good bye
Strange Cat Watching Me

A cat sits on the edge of a bed
Watching me watching him
Both of us thinking
What sort of strange creature this is
That has invaded our personal space
Upending our daily routines

The cat came up to me
Staring at me
with his soulful eyes
Boring into my very soul
Looking for answers
To these dark fundamental questions

The cat smiles a mysterious smile
And purrs in contentment
Having found an answer of sorts
And indicates that we can be friends
As long as I know
That he is the boss of me

And I pet him
the time honored
Ritual of human cat interaction
That dates
back to the dawn of time

When humans and cats
First became aware
Of the other
Strange creature
that shared
our planet

Cat Dreams Kill Humans

cat sitting smiling
cat lost in buddha trance thought
cat dreams kill humans

Poetry Reading: 
jake cosmos aller