A gentle cold breeze gusted,
across the sandy beach.
Lightning bugs scattered all over the sky.
The gibbous moonlight painted the space,
with a wispy magical glaze.

Golden beach altered, a shiny silvery coat,
Tealish drapes of sea glided smoothly
to craft beautiful white pearls
that crashed on the rock.

One by one, a blue creature
with magnificent claws,
returning from a tiring voyage,
as mighty warriors do.

Soon, an army of blue crabs,
marching into the land,
to reclaim and rule the property.

And I stood aloof, I thought, escaping to
a sheltered home a few steps away.
But curiosity trapped me there,
near a seawall.
A strange cord-wrapped around my leg.
Panicked and checked,
and to my relief, just a weathered coconut leaf.

As the flock of crabs continued to reign,
I realized it was their time.
Stepped and faded away,
into the darkness,
to my comfortable home.



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