I'm afraid of aimer

rejected by the word

or disgusted by love

Fear of hearing my voice

throwing in these two beats



I feel naked and weak

and I hate being weak

But I gave I love you

millions times at least

at parties and nights

where words do not count

and promises fade

I offered my life

in a behebbak

mixing faith and love

with a call for help

Tried ich liebe dich

for one student year

Did the job, studied,

the man

But I couldn't keep

my lips to German

and had to move on

to aishiteru

Yet this was stunning,

exotic enough

but it didn't last,

let's go to the next

This summer I got

the call for ti amo

he was all enough

mysterious and kind

smile, body and brain

but then when I tried

to breathe out loud

the words got stuck again

at the gate of my throat

Je t'aime

unspeakable mother words

("aimer": to love, in French
"je t'aime": I love you, in French
"behebbak": I love you, in Arabic
"ich liebe dich": I love you, in German
"aishiteru": I love you, in Japanese
"ti amo": I love you, in Italian)



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