Ever looked out at the sky?
No. I mean looked beyond what's there?
Whilst your favorite song played repeatedly in between your thoughts?
Running around, creating new thoughts and ideas.
Manifesting unknown yet known feelings.
You wonder of the world that has become a stranger, an intrusive, yet welcomed stranger.
You question the beings in your inner circle. Rather if they would qualify as "human"
Or would human be defined as "being alive" or "living"
Your thoughts; those wonderful, unique, sometimes hurtful but always beautiful things.
Crafted by your experiences and deconstructed by your own will.
The key to your very own.
The emotions it bears.
Most of it sweet fear.
Least of it true, pure happiness.
Let me explain.
As those non categorized humans we've evolved into (or maybe from, for those who have chosen conformity)
We naturally fear, fear.
We unnaturally let it ruin.
Unknowingly let it shorten our days.
We can reach "happy" but still we can remain everything but
We live in a world of contest
Competition of who's the best at faking happiness,
For trophies that will never shine in the depth of our dark.
Very hollow too.
But we trick ourselves into believing it's "enough"
"Good work"
So we hide the truth that will, inevitably, surface and destroy.
So ask yourself, "You ever sit and look at the sky, beyond what you see, or are you content with a dreamless world? "
If so, welcome to the hell of your former life.



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