The deafening silence
Seeping into my soul
Like water slowly flowing
Through cracks in a pavement
It permeates into every nook and cranny
Of this place we always call home
Shattering piece by piece
The familiarity of your presence
These walls are the sole witness
Of our triumphs and defeats
Each corner has heard our cries
It reverberates all of our laughter
As I sit alone here our your room
I inhale the faint scent of your memories
The endless ache brings water to my eyes
And a profound longing in my heart
From this day forward
You are no longer in my life
The truth is I’m starting to miss you
So frightened to let you go
For the passage of time
May let you slip away from my memory
Find courage
That’s what you will say
Life continues and new adventure awaits
Be brave and face tomorrow with hope
So I inhaled deeply and wipe away the tears
Brace myself for one last goodbye
Know that I will carry you in my heart
As I go on with my life.



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