Prevaricated Forth Write Declaration!

As most every girl and boy
taught back in the day,
or more recently going to Zerns,
a golden age of story telling,
when rapt listening ears
willingly leant eager attention

to a riveting speaker
such as this jolly shop
o' horror keeper learned,
modest, and non
establishmentarian obliging self,
( who even now doth still yearns)

to spin a tattling tale), this ole codger,
who today more frequently, keenly,
and patiently plods along
memory lane then yesterday
(along one, whose pathway,
could be trekked blindfolded

so often by foot thee trail traversed,
(yet without ever feeling
a sense of duff fete) over hills
and thru woods thick
with wary, scary,
and Rem: markably hairy

muppet like monsters,
the author, who wrote
10,000 Leagues Under The Sea,
(and other suspense filled stories namely
the prolific writer Jules Gabriel Verne's),
vivid imagination,

would undoubtedly have experienced
a field day in seventh heaven
taking wooded rough hewn
rudimentary walkabout by turns
clear cut versus creepy simply to reach
a one classroom per grade school,

where masters did teach
being apprenticed asper Art Of The Deal
(latent within power
to sound convincing, though "FAKE,)"
but convincing legendary
personal myths repeated to bolster appeal

such as larger then life "Founding Fathers"
unquestionable brazen, brave, and brass
daring deeds across the Lake
(Atlantic Ocean, whose worsted weave
sub woofer - did make
the 6:00 o'clock news the evening

of July 4th 1776, and thus didst spake
(perhaps with the help of Zarathustra)
yet,...the under belly
of such bravura involved take
king (by subtle or obvious force) lands
revered by Native Americans

leaving a trail of tears, destruction, and death
(more accurately genocide), thus my
(expected patriotism) moored
within wicked wake,
hence aye avail muted tone deaf
emotion on par with a charade

particularly, where deportees
of late awful treatment
force me to a give a low
(Failing) grade,
where home of the brave
land of the free do masquerade

(or visa versa) makes a mockery,
travesty, sham parade
AND this chap feels as if,
he too partook of
murerderous indigenous raid!



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