by AnaumS

Blue skies for sunny days.
Purple skies for sunset.
Grey skies for rain.

Blue skies before war.
Purple skies for lightning.
Grey skies for after the war.
After the bomb dropped.
After the guns all went off.
After the chemicals,
creating purple skies set for acid rain.
And blue skies before war.

Dread in the little boy's eye as he sits, waiting.
Waiting for the ground rumbling.
Waiting for the ear bursting sounds of the planes carrying his last breath.
Praying...for mercy.
For life.
For the fairytale blue sky of a happy ending he never knew to be true.

Blue skies are known for the sun.
Blue skies are dreaded.
Sun is too hot.
Clear skies make way for the planes.

Purple skies are at sunset.
Purple skies at night colouring the clouds in their light color.
Purple skies show when lightning is upon us,
mixing the rain with dangerous chemicals of the day before.

Grey skies. 
Grey skies.
Grey skies.
We have survived another day.
Blue. Purple. Grey.
When will grey skies be the last grey sky of peace?
When will purple skies mean calming sunsets?
When will blue skies finally mean peace?



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