hitherto known as

i blog alone
this poe whit carries
a herring aid as mine wish bone
but, tis just me and future self as a crone
that ambles along the boulevard,
while over head buzzes
an up paul ling sir valence drone

blares out an air/ear splitting command
at 2153708929
phony decibels from a *euphone
shift shaping mega fone

which induces my quietude to groan
and find escape hatch to hone
salvation espied by mirage
sans a balmy *isotone

echoing refrains from Joan
e Mitchell, a great dame dane
panhandling for ample *krone
so she not forced
to borrow money a loan
where her former renown
a distant memory, she doth moan

as if attacked by a shark
resembling jimmy neutron
alias matthew scott harris, who as oon
firebrand nonestablishmentarian prone
to stake out a *quone
while sheepishly at bay astride to the rite,

a beast of burden wearing
horn rimmed glasses tinted roan
cuz blinding light shone
from azure vault -
a shadowy over tone
which in truth happens
to be the twilight zone.
* = valid words based on the merits of google
an indomitable fierce some virtual yahoo of a Mughal
Whew - that was as easy as cultivating a crop of staples.



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