replete throughout tapestry human civilization
   smack dab up till warp and woof
   ruffly to this doggone day and age
Americans (perch ants
   even a majority glow bull

   twenty first century primates),
   whether sporting dark skin or beige
find objection, toward unjust
   and ugly unsightly historical bugaboos
   figuratively loosed from their cage

baseless, disgraceful, fanatical hybrids
   jais nais sais quois lobbing patois arcane,
a cadre of purportedly “politically correct” viewpoints
   non-negotiably, legitimately, justifiably inscrutable
   invectives hallowed in their brain

conservative agents provocateurs
   raise hackles and cane
   pure pitbull, blue blood Republican voices
   disemble hack limns plugging statecraft drain

volubly, vigorously, vehemently
   wage pricelined costly “war”
   savored morely insync with
   Mongols, Vandals, Visigoths
   adult punks waging overt hostility fain
   welcoming juvenile skinhead tactics
   insync with rebellious hoodlums, gain

hooligans, Ku Klux Klan,
   who garner fanatical following
   fomenting explosive derogatory “HATE,”
whence upon dais he

(majority cut throat
   radical rebel rousers men) doth ascent
blather cawing divsive, emotionally
   foaming at the mouth

   utterances totally tubularly “FAKE”,
   though mission
   (nada so impossibly) hell bent
rubbing antithetical, diabolical,

   generally not worth a cent                                    
   citizen bankers, agitately hankering
   with venomous, traitorous, riotous
antithetical highjacking  governmental statutes
   representing dangerous extent

particularly objection raised
   to deter Uhauls to truck away
liberals deem as eyesores i.e.
   particularly long in the tooth statues
whereat ultimate thuggery

   violently take umbrage,
   (whether on sunny or rainy day)
to topple Confederate statues
   perhaps relics as admired by this cognescenti,

   especially Civil War debacle pwould never post on E-Bay
   boot treasure as keep sake
unbeknownst if same mindset
   extant among proponents representing

   (real or imagined) moral majority
   upholding abominable
   misdeed meaner fighters donned in Gray,

whose seccessionist symbols stood upon bloody turf
   yet, I do not commiserate, concur, countenace
   cockamamie with heretical axe to go hay
wire, and purge landscapes

   of abonimable, despicable, galling
   bronze soldiers (sitting proud
   on his Anti Unionist steed), who stood opposed
   to slavery, but ugly reality doth lay
within the body electric, fabric, kinetic...

and thy stance uphold reprehensible reminders
   of implosion of United States government MAY
do justice to educate population – nay
sayers to tear down what exemplified

   Antebellum and Postbellum south tis not okay
to wipe the abstract slate of American  mosaic
   clear of any offensive,
   about one hundred and fifty plus years ago,
   an August role such crafted artifacts did play.



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