Why,So Dearly?

The letter I gave to you,
it was a letter until now, I breath for love.
In my dreams, I have love you, a thousand times.
Years wont make me deaf,I could even recognize your voice.
If this phrase "I love you" from you is true,
I could have hug you back that time, and say,
"Yes, take me away from pain and shelter me your love"

Knowing that it's just a game, we're playing tug-of-war.
We're once teenagers,you at my back, tightly hug me,
After I unsurely heard those words,
I say to myself it's just a hallucination.
I saw you, having poker face,
I concluded, it is just an imagination.
I have longed to hear those words from you.

Still,I was standing, waiting for you to say.
If it truly, I heard those words from you,
but I received nothing from you,
except the white Christmas card,
which you drawn three roses, a snowman,
the word "always" with your name you wrote under it,
I read it with tears and oh! so dearly.

My heart is selfish and it couldn't love someone else.
Always says, you are my first and last love.
I say to myself I'd rather die loving you,
than be with someone I can't love.
How could I reach if you seemed
That you don't want me,
you even ignored my messages.

You made me realized, i am nothing to you,
you made me feel, I am not worthy of your time,
still, my heart seems to care.
minutes ago, i read a poem bearing the same first name of yours,
seems to be a poem of neglect, where one has been neglected.
I think that poem was for me, not with the one who wrote it.
now im setting my dreams to foreign land.

And I dream of meeting you, I desire
to hold you for so long and say promises.
I just think I'm going insane now,
cause you have always been part of my dreams.
Tell me if you are willing to be with me,
If you just talk to me and tell me where to start,
we would build our life together.



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