a tendency to be impetuous, i voluntarily let myself be abducted
gruesome geico looking alien ghouls, any resemblance between
following piece meal description being kidnapped by an alien
(from another nation in cosmos), and married life purely coincidental.

although pitch-black that hot summer july night 2011, an ominous ghastly
shape could lumbered near skeletal partially built addition at lower merion
high school. this phantasmagorical amorphous entity hovered outside
the flying saucer. i stood stock still as my cold breath created miniature clouds

that formed gauzy window. thru opaque ether movements detected.
tentacles shredded faux misty shroud and quickly grabbed me. i found
myself on-board a battle gray extra-terrestrial object. fate delivered me into
the "hands" of what appeared the most surreal setting created by ingenious

computer graphics technicians. nanny boo boo uttered the creature from abyss.
since what sounded like outer space gibberish as a second language not an
elective when i attended methacton high school (nor colleges for that matter),
an automatic reflex took over. i offered gap toothed (i.e. alfred e. newman -

what me worry) wry smile. an immediate interest arose from these outliers at
metallic post intended for dental implant. a crazy idea occurred. maybe these
foreigners from another galaxy could secure long overdue permanent like tooth
with charging an arm or leg! ha!

non-verbal communication resorted to as a necessary expedient to establish
comprehension and self preservation. in addition, the notion to avoid any action
interpreted as hostile best be applied even at the expense of being whisked away
countless light-years from 1148 greentree lane, narberth, pennsylvania. psychiatric

medication (prozac and klonipin prescribed by doctor david lee wrought) most
definitely eased anxiety dread that loomed large within quite active imagination.
i willingly made clear (using all manner of gesticulations) to surrender myself,
which idea triggered a flicker of excitement. wow! this bizarre situation could offer

golden opportunity to escape tragedies of terrestrial existence and perhaps
link up with another weird organic life form human or otherwise. once electric surge
coursed thru each fiber, i brazenly approached other-worldly specimens guarding
their shimmering craft, which appeared to hover just barely above perimeter slated

to be another state of the art wing of campus. i hemmed and hawed with tentative steps
before nonchalantly scaling hydraulically propelled ladder. at once, an immediate
whoosh took place. after these myopic eyes adjusted to the scene, i observed an identical
earth like landscape and heard what sounded like the most melodious chimes. actually,

that globe happened to be dear third rock from the sun as viewed from nearest window.
upon setting foot into structure, an automatic accelerator jettisoned this motley crue
warp speed. within my mind i thought what to do to pass the time???
instantaneous desire promulgated that very wish.

Ah! perchance, these ethereal creatures (large and small) conveyed messages telepathically?
i put hypothesis to rudimentary test. within my mind, i silently uttered matthew scott harris.
an instant reply came back - in my head. every one of these wraith-like cosmic nomads under
stood whims wirelessly, thus believing yours truly to believe said species reduced signals
to digital bits and/or hallowed weaned bytes.

to be continued…in another millennium or so.



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