sunlight filters softly down
softly on the mists swirling around
cool droplets form everywhere
sparkling jewels in morning light

moisture from the cleansing rain
that in the night time here did fall
leaving a chill upon my skin
cooling in the morning breeze

perfume of flowers fills the air
and of rich soil moist and brown
memories tickle within my thoughts
of many things that have been

of auburn hair so rich and full
scent of which while holding her close
her head bent down against my chest
my head lowered within her curls

of feeling her warmth within my arms
soft full firmness pressed against me
two hearts beating together as one
inflamed breaths mingling together

the taste of her upon my tongue
of soft lingering kisses
and of passions burning hot
still within my memories lived

soft green grasses growing long
in the gentle breeze do wave
where we have laid in passions hot
as warm sunlight upon us fell

from the mists her voice does call
that she quickly returns unto me
and together we once again will be
and together our hopes will swell



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