Winter... They say is a season of snow
of course... I agree 
As beautiful as it is... We want it go
So our skin could meet air and be free

The movies have it as an amazement
rather than natural pain 
this frozen nature has joints on cement 
The coldness distracts our brain

Winter is here... Run and play 
"Let's have fun... Come see"
They're outside all day but inside I'll stay 
not one man can fool me 

Fairytale weddings and jingle bells
The season of Christmas and Santa
The moments of wishes and secrets tell
Jolly to home in laughter 

Christmas tree and decor 
Hot cocoa and mistletoe
Has them wanting even more
from the jolly guy shouting "ho ho ho"

Winter... They say its a season of snow
Of course... I do agree 
as beautiful as it seems 
It kills my dreams
because the coldness empties me 



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