You answered all my prayers, when I was lost or unaware. I'm grateful that you cared enough to bare your soul and share your scars. 

You filled my heart with light when darkness was all I could find. So thankful I'm alive, and I'm surprised that I survived.
Life's nothing but a maze, and we must learn to find our place & cannot be afraid of change, and have a little faith.
Pain blocks you from who you need to become. It makes you numb and vulnerable to give up on trust.
My words sound Shakespearean, but I guess they're from experiences. I have the soul of an Edgar Allan poet, although I've never shown it, it's almost as if I spoke it.
It's unknown to ever know how to ever have a hold on life, and I think it's a joke with a poetic punchline.
I wanna illuminate the night, because I was meant to shine. I wanna illustrate life, because my words will withstand time.

I write these poems in order to move on and stay strong. So I'm able to find my way along the path of pain and right the wrongs of all I've done, to everyone I've ever loved.

I've been set off course before, and was forced into the storm. It's like a warm embrace came over me, as if I was reborn.
" I wanna be a sitcom, so you can turn me on at your convenience. And when it's time, you can unwind, and watch me weaken through the weekend. "
                                         -Rich Gordon 




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