Confusion that has clouded my most inner being, 

is what has created the person that you are NOW seeing. 



 Clouded by anger, my memories of the past. 

Clouded by words here that are cast. 

 Some days I can't smile, 



I put on a mask, Some days don't smile at all. 

 I live in my room, with painted pictures on the wall, 

of a mind without freedom, can't speak my thoughts at all. 

 My lips are sealed, tighly bound, locked away in silence.. 


 My confusion sets in from the day before. 

         DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! 

         DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!!! 

DON't know what to think, or even how to tell you. 

 My anger can come as fast as you can blink.. 

It comes and then clearly can't think. 

 So I stay in my prision away from it all.. 

As I slowly build back up my mind as it FALLS. 

 I sit, I write through the day unto night, 

To keep mind busy from all that out there.. 

 My confusion again takes over, my anger sets in 

behind my four walls, where know one else i let in. 

 Pictures on the wall painted every day.. 

My words hidden within that I want to say. 

 Can't be myself..... 

 Can't speak my mind... 

In the paintings my words you will find. 

 Words of.... 





 What happens today,  I will paint for you tomorrow. 

Understand my mind, my confusion, my pain, 

 Understand all the things that makes me, ME!!!

What's really keeping me saine...? 

 Behind my four walls, wooden door that stays close... 

This is where I eat, sleep,and change cloths... 

 where my emotions are set free, 

Where I write where paint,  pictures you see, 

 Where I set my feelings aside... 

Where I can be ME!!!! 

 Where I'm able to open my mind once again, 

To let it all out.... 


             NOW MY FRIENDS 

Do you understand what I'm talking about>>? 

 Some words on paper, some painted away.. 

If you look deep you can see what they say.. 

 Behind four walls a wooden door where I lock myself 

away from what confuses me or makes me mad. 

 So behind my four walls I stay.... 


I don't get sad. 

 The wooden door stays closed to block it all out, 

The rudeness, remarks, the thing that hurt. 

              I TRY... 

Some times to come out, it's all the same.... 

 Back in my fours walls I am again.. 

The wooden door closed tight all 

 day and night. 

Painting and writing the thoughts I had today, 



I know you won't like what i have to say. 


I put myself again within my four walls... 

 Closing the wooden door again to it 




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