Last night I slept on moss
beneath the budding, blooming trees,
alongside the buzzing bees,
(and right next to me were car motors whirring,
but this did not even bother me
because I was in a faerie reverie);
I had entered the Wonderland of Possibilities!
I could taste magic on the tip of my tongue
and spy sparkles where my eyes would wander...
I wasn't even in my head this time,
not drug misuse nor imagination abuse.
My senses were alive, creativity heightened—
God's gift of Mother Nature:
She who never fails to inspire by my merely
sitting upon her flowered bosom and awaiting
all that is true to spill forth from my own being
as I remember our deep connection
and bloom with the trees,
breathe in the breeze,
and relax back into the Divinity I had forgotten.



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