A Babe is born all of a May

A babe is born all of a May
In the savasyoun of us;
To them we singen both night and day,
Veni Creator spiritus!

At Bedlem, that blessed place,
The child of bliss born he was;
Him to serve go give us grace,
O lux beata trinitas!

There come three kinges out of the east
To worship the king that is so free,
With gold and myrrh and frankincense,
A solis ortus cardine.

The herds hearden an angel cry,
A merry song then sungen he;
Why arn ye so sore aghast?
Jam ortus solis cardine.

The angel coming down with a cry
A fair song then sungen he
In the worship of that child,
Gloria tibi domine.
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