Ode to a diGITal keyBOard

i Don’t need to bring my LAptop –
An ipad and this BluetootH keyboard will DO
Just Fine, I Think.

I can type on the PLAne, on. A Train,
In the back of an Uber, or the. Shade
of a kindly OAk trEE with SWaying branch es.

Why, all of a Sudden, is. my KEYboard ad ding
Capital Letters To The Start Of Every Word
OR randOMly in the MID DLE. And periods
In the middle of sentences.

I did not HIt th e Space bar
You sensitive Git of a machine.
I didn’t put a period there, I did NOt
Hit Shift Or Capslock Or
Bring about the Literary apocalypse
By daring to use this Wish piece of SHit keyboArd

Sometimes you work for just long enough
For. me to believe that you’ve changed, or
That this is somehow my fault,
User ErroR –
My fingers moving too. Fast,
Typing with unprecedented speed for thi s
Massmanufactured cheap plastic garbage ,

But then I realize that There’s no way
That my high-speed typing has introDUCEd this many
Strange errors, this frustRATing cycle of type-backspace-
type-backspace-curse-type-hold shift-type-curse-backspace

At least I can take notes,
Get my. Disorganized thoughts out into my Notes APP,
But GOd forbid I want to write an ARTicle
O r a p oem