Seeking light

golden warmth flows
glittering crystals receive
shimmering waves dance
rising into the sky

gliding twists and turns
effortlessly to go
air does ruffle through
longing to be free

fluff on gentle breeze
from the sky descends
moves upon the airs
to where ere it may be

flowing onward downward
flight unbound be
swooping lightly turning
ere it may flow

flowing freely onward
yet by walls constrained
seeking ever freedom
where unto be

flow onto the freedom
endless choices before
free from all constrictions
still continues on

sharpness does the air fill
with ionic tang
calling ever onward
to a place to find

fills the breeze with crying
to the heart does call
longing ever aching
for that unknown

tar and oak a creaking
on the rising swells
currents pulling outward
straining to be free

thunder calls me onward
fabric fills the air
chains rattle loudly
bindings do break free

far away does call me
to the place I seek
to find a new tomorrow
and the place I’ll be