Through The Tears

Self-doubt may be your armor,
But don’t just fall silent.
Living life caught you off guard,
To the point where it left you scarred.

Sleep is your sanctuary,
Because it is the only peace you can carry.
Your silent cries are deafening,
And it never was once beckoning.

When you fail to see through the pent up tears,
Close your eyes and your senses will clear.
The tears collected are sure to fall,
Then everything will be easier to recall.

Your ink and your graphite creates a symphony,
Listen to the melody you crafted so skillfully.
Heed the sound of your creation,
Even if it’s only for a short duration.

The bright smiles and the light feelings.
Remember these as you are slowly healing.
Forget the muffled voices,
Stand proud and trust your choices.

When you think all you do is mediocre,
Your treasured friends will be the broker.
Between you and your artwork,
Lies a connection far brighter than the fireworks.