When the mind contradicts with the heart
You can be in a state of delusion
There comes a period in time
When you will lose your sense of reason

No matter how your try
You just can’t resist
The seduction of an emotional dilemma
When you try to put logical thinking into action
It suffocates your entire being
It burns you to the core
Until nothing is left
But ashes gently consumed by the starving wind

You gaze into his eyes
But all you see are empty holes
You still long for his embrace
Though it never gives you warmth
His body is as close as the horizon to the sea
But his soul conceals in the ocean depths

Yet, your heart beats like a pounding drum
Sensing his nearness
His presence ignites a blaze
In the twilight of your solitary wanderings

You think you are losing your sanity
Dwelling in this bitter-sweet pleasure
Confusion starts to devour you
Breaking you into pieces
You die each day
Knowing that he is only an illusion
A fantasy never meant for such a vulnerable dreamer

You somehow wish for a braver heart
The world moves as your soul bleeds
And before your very eyes
The fairytale shatters slowly

Finally, you turn your back with a feign bravado
Your vision starts to blur
Then, you take a step without looking back

Originally published on simily.co