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Whose Behind the Likes??

I would like to know how we find out who is liking our stuff. Can't seem to find out as clicking on the poem doesn't reveal this information. I am speaking of the weekly contest. I get likes, but can't see who is doing the actual liking. Is there a reason for this? Would really like to know the answer.

I am writer but I don't have much think to submit.

I'm guessing it's to keep things anonymous. I find myself 'liking' lots of things, but, I wouldn't want others to know what I 'liked'...I kinda LIKE it that way! ha ha XD

Morgan La Mer

Haha, i like your sense of humor morgan la mer

I'm supportive of other poets and their writing talent. I do click on , "like" a lot


It's to encourage a more honest "like" count. Some people prefer to remain anonymous and no one should feel pressure to "like" a poem unless they actually like it.  That said, I can understand why someone would want to see who their fans are. Not sure how to balance the two.

Writing is all about expressing your thoughts into something that others will understand.

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