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144th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: So Much Depends

by Miles T. Ranter

So Much Depends


So much depends upon a German Shepherd,

a Vizsla, Collie, or this yellow Lab

beside the sightless lady who walks round

the streets and sidewalks of a megacity

as treacherous as black ice and as peppered

with poles and holes and bumps and curbs and cars

as space with comets, asteroids, and stars—

so different from those dog-less days as drab

as a book of empty pages and no plot.

With four good ears and six good feet they bound

along the lanes. Why pity them, this gritty

duo moving through this tangle fraught

with myriad risks? Do they appear to fear it?

How can they miss a step with such team spirit?

144th Weekly Poetry Contest