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161st Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Lost

by KhuzaimaAli

I ascend upto the sun
And bathe in light amidst the darkness
Around me, the stars;
But shining none
Fervid feels and freezing soul.

Floating adrift, shackles apart, afar.
I'm truly unsure.
Is all this dry water or rogue car?
Should I panic or savor this bliss pure?

Devoid of love, sadness, shock or joy
Just fear;
Grim as the place.
And hope, bleak;
As bright as dawn.
Is this Satan's playground or God's ploy?

Distant yet visible, a tiny clew blue,
Scream, I howl, no sound escapes
Is this a parable dream, or the final transcend?

A venture to stellar hell or heaven unknown?

And there it is!
The beacon of life,
Either perish or go back to all that's mine
My way out, or illusion of choice?
One way to know, I reach out an.............

161st Weekly Poetry Contest