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198th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Phantom Pain (Sonnet)

by KosmicKKWRogers

Phantom Pain
There was some mud dug out of his deep eyes,
white skeleton always exo on him,
always waning phantom: his restless dry
mouth wandering edges for answers. Skin
only finding Epsom, abandoned lots.
Lost reels repeating our one scene: some smoke
endless cigarettes while we drive along
Ana Island. Red sun up at the stroke
of Five, red light, whispered lips so narrow.

I want to fold his bones back inside his
flesh… I can’t be the one, pushing marrow
so innocent and clean, too sensitive
for touch. Phantom pain, I’ll rise with the sun,
no contra’s clamor, cold lips’ impression.

198th Weekly Poetry Contest

Thank you so very much!