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347th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: The Miracle at Mount Uhud

by Brother Bilal

Lo, the gentle footsteps thou wouldst take
Enriched the blessed desert earth beneath
Even a mountain made aware would shake
In awe and pride when thou it did receive

Good earth solid, at thyself astounded
Or thy feet transmitted a loving charge
Thy light and wisdom in a moment sounded
To every atom of majestic Uhud large

For grains of sand and rocks to rock at once
And particles to shiver without a base
Thy mellow voice then provides reassurance
The mountain face calming at thy face

All that moves or stays immobile in stasis
Controlled by One who’s not in a place or places
صَلى اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ سَلَم

347th Weekly Poetry Contest