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L.E. Goldstein Interview


Editor of Moon Pigeon Press and UT Dallas PhD candidate, L.E. Goldstein talks about translation, beauty, and life in the Amazon:

"As poets we become obsessed with revision sometimes, but it's important not to forget that urgency. I know most people have read this poem, but even so, I urge you to read it again. Really read it, and read it aloud...

I'm interested in beauty, in the way that the different forms of beauty unite us with other human beings or with things in the natural world. I like to explore beauty in people or places that aren't typically seen as beautiful...

I'm honestly amazed that there is so much life despite the lack of rain, and in spite of the surplus of concrete."

and more http://www.themiddlegray.com/mgblog/2013/11/21/le-goldstein