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Julianne Davidow's Review of In the Dark, Soft Earth

The newest collection of poems by Frank Watson, In The Dark, Soft Earth, speaks of the ephemeral yet enduring quality of love, the power of longing, the reality of not being able to quite hold onto anything in this world. Although this yearning for things that are fleeting is poignant, it also helps us to become aware of who we truly are.

The poems take us through the spiritual world, through time and space, yet are always grounded in the imagery of nature. The many references to the earth dark, soft, deep, are reminiscent of James Hillman’s writing on the “organic motion” of growing down, sending down roots to embody our true nature.

The images by such luminaries as Roerich, Magritte, Picasso, and Kandinsky beautifully complement the poems and have a hypnotic effect, bringing the poems even more fully to life, and inviting us to connect with our personal memories, desires, and creative spirit.

Julianne Davidow, MA, CMC, ACC
Author, Coach, Adjunct Writing Instructor
City College of New York