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I SN'T IT strange
That princes and kings,
And clowns that caper
In sawdust rings,
And common people
Like you and me
Are builders for eternity?

Each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass,
A book of rules;
And each must make—
Ere life is flown—
A stumbling block
Or a steppingstone.

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member poem of the day

Another wave passes by and yet i glide along with a darkened spirit. Lies of the world blurring the eyes of heart To move ahead means to give the pass. It makes me yearn for the days of light , That lies far beyond the mountains of the Sun to seek. I feel too lost amidst the mist and clouds, And the stormy night makes it hard to row. The coastal wind brings the waves of fear But the oar pulls you ahead with all that you bear. I saw a lone tree standing far in the land. It is tall and green and a haven for the tired to hold on to a strand. There are tides of hope When the boatman rows to the shore. With the staggering steps of the unknown Moving on the sands like a ghost The beats of time murmuring to the past of mine Succumb to the shine while consumed by the light again ~deepz07