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Classic poem of the day

A bitter king in anger to be gone
From fawning courtier and doting queen
Flung hollow sceptre and gilt crown away,
And breaking bound of all his counties green
He made a meadow in the northern stone
And breathed a palace of inviolable air
To cage a heart that carolled like a swan,
And slept alone, immaculate and gay,
With only his pride for a paramour.

O who is that bitter king? It is not I.

Let me, I beseech thee, Father, die
From this fat royal life, and lie
As naked as a bridegroom by his bride,
And let that girl be the cold goddess Pride.

And I will sing to the barren rock
Your difficult, lonely music, heart,
Like an old proud king in a parable.

member poem of the day

Spring Dawn

Meng Haoran (689/691–740)
Asleep in spring, unconscious of the dawn,
The chirp chirp song of birds is everywhere.
Last night the thunder, wind, and rain came long—
How many blossoms now remain out there?
孟 浩 然
Chūn Xiǎo
Mèng Hàorán
Chūn mián bù jué xiǎo
Chǔ chǔ wén tí niǎo
Yè lái fēng yǔ shēng
Huā luò zhī duō shǎo
Transliteration and Notes
Spring Dawn
Spring sleep not wake dawn
Place place hear chirp birds
Night came wind rain sound...

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