Come my beloved

come my beloved
Kiss me with the kisses of thy mouth
I am black but comley as the curtains
Of solomon — I am a wall & my
Breasts are like two towers a bundle of
Myrrh is my beloved to me he shall
Lye all night between my breasts our bed
Is green
I have compard thee to a company
Of horses — thou hast dove eyes within thy locks
Thy hair is a flock of goats thy teeth
Is a flock of sheep Thy lips
Are like a scarlet thread thy neck is like
A Tower how beautiful are thy feet
With shoes the joints of thy thighs are like jewels
Thy navel is like a round goblet
Which wanteth not liquor
Thy belly is like a heap of wheat set
About with lilys thy legs are like pillars
Of marble thy nose is as the tower of lebanon
Thy breasts are like to clusters of grapes
Thy statue is like to a palm tree
& the smell of thy nose is like apples

Our little sister hath no breasts
What shall we do for our little sister
In the day she shall be spoken for
If she be a wall we will build upon her
A pallace of silver & if she be
A door we will inclose her with boards
Of cedar

I hear thy voice at night " open to me
My love my dove' I have put off my coat
My beloved put in his hands at the door
& my bowels were moved for him
I rose up to open to my belovd
& my hands dropt with myrrh & my fingers
With sweet smelling myrrh upon the handles
Of the lock I opend to my beloved
But my beloved was gone
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