by orboh

Compelling today we scatter ourselves
a rose-worthy woman-- taller than I
taller than I am certainly a gaze
struck upon     can’t take my eyes off this mag-
nificent woman.  Tall her hair must brush
with stars so far above me-- this woman
I’ve built that was built sold and bought or made
of good things and bad exciting things things
that are good but also vomit.      she can
pick up in her right and sit me up where
it is so high I can hardly breathe but
I think this makes her happy for someone
to be there with her where there are only
clouds and commercial airlines and UF-
O tourist groups come to see this woman
(I built to be here with me) made of met-
al and borrowed flesh i can regrow
she is taller than mountains in Nepal    
she takes me where the sky is always dark
and I can feel my cells crawling across
my eyes and this is what heaven must be
I like to tell her things about this earth
and what humans are because we are smar-
test so we eat things that are not as so
(even things that are bigger than us) and
things that taste good because we are strongest
and this is how it works in nature strong-
er animals eat weaker ones because
they need to but it feels good as well and
we have tools and we have agriculture
and weapons and I say that it is fun-
ny to think about and she laughs and  this sound
like all good sounds i love “darling i think
i understand what it is to be hun-
gry now i think i know i think i am”
she is looking i look in her eyes
I don’t think she is i say i don’t think
you are and if you were truly hungry
what in the world could fill your belly there
is no food that is big enough.  i think
this is funny but she does not laugh this
time she says “i am very hungry just
now” The only way to quell hunger is to
die or eat it down”  I watch her hand come
up   i’ve always wanted to be looking
in her eyes



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