by SophieR

1.My legs ache from walking

My heart aches from breaking

What if I can't remember to forget you?

2.Mud forms underneath my fingernails

A poet would compare it to the way you have made yourself a home

underneath my skin

But I don't want to write poetry

I want to be clean

3.Trees tower over me

Sometimes I can not see the sky

The only proof I have that it exists

is the birds

I hear them sing

They must be flying somewhere,right?

Why have wings if you have nowhere to go?

4.Leaves crunch underneath my feet

The crackle is so satisfying to my ears

It's cynical, I suppose,

To want the leaves to be broken

Then again,

Better them than me

5.I pass a stream and it laughs at me

I used to love water

But you were an ocean

And your waves swallowed me up

until I forgot to how to breathe

I used to love the water

Now I am just afraid

6.Beware of Poison Ivy

It stems in groups of threes

With a red dot in the middle

Tall and stealthy vines

It will tell you that you're beautiful

And then leave you with a stinging burn

Beware of Poison Ivy

7.The wind whispers to me at night

Stories of other broken hearts

To remind me I am not alone

When it's cold enough

I can see my breath

Floating before me

To remind me I am still alive

8.Sometimes bugs land on me

And suck my blood

But most times I just hear them

An ominous buzz

I am starting to believe

That every time I think I've found my way out of this maze

The insects buzz around me

Until I am lost again

9.I always look for flowers

Whenever I find them I

always want to pick them

And put them on my pillow

so my dreams will smell sweet again

But then again,you picked me

And look what it's done so far

10.The sun rises over the horizon

My bones shift

Mud cakes my feet

Birds land on my shoulder

Leaves scatter through my hair

Vines and flowers form a crown

atop my head

Mother Nature is telling me I will be okay

I think that if you spend

enough time with plants

You too,

Will begin to grow

I still miss you


But thing is,my love

You were an ocean

But I am the jungle



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