Humor keeps us sane
it is a piece of what we need to do
to prevent us from getting
the dreaded corona virus
coming up your nose

Pensively prompt - unpublished

creative talents unleashed

First Kiss with My wife

It was 1982
when I first met my wife
the love of my life

In 1979 she came to me
in a dream
and then she walked
off a bus
eight years latter

a few weeks later
we went for  walk
in the woods

and ending up kissing
passionately wild kisses
as we walked in the woods

and the kisses
led a few weeks later
to our first night together
as man and wife

but I will always recall
our first kiss
of our life together

Birth of New World

the first interplanetary travelers
arrived on the new planet
called new Eden
and watched the birth
of the new world

hoping that humanity
can get a new world
and avoid destroying new eden

hoping that god
has given the world
a new home world

Peacock Speaks

as the virus spreads
around the world
the peacock in the zoo
speaks up

talking on behalf
of their fellow species

he called upon humans
to free them from their zoo prisons
and let them be free

before it was too late
and humanity met their fate
becoming a ghost in the wind

Iguana Talks to Mankind

the wise old Iguana
woke from its nightmares
of the end of the world
as humanity faded away

the iguana was scared
but afraid of the future
and he would miss
his human friends

six word poem

naked masked woman
waiting to kiss

writer digest prompt  day  Day Two  space poem

Inner worlds beckons in these dark times
No one knows where it will end
No one understands the future
Everyone must descend deep inside
Remembering their dreams

Cosmic dreams fill my head
Of the future we can dream
Some offering hope
Most of us can still dream
Only then can we become free
So that we can escape our fate prompt  day 1, 2, and 3

Day One Historical object

Search for the holly grail

for thousands of years
people have been searching
for the fabled holly grail
in hopes that it will lead
to eternal life

then one day
the holly grail is found
millions die
from drinking the tainted grail

Free roaming in Berkeley in the 70's

growing up in Berkeley
back in the day
we still were allowed
to free roam

and so I went
everywhere on foot
or bus

walking to Solano avenue
drinking coffee
at Peets coffee
eating Chinese food
in Berkeley’s china town

walking downtown
walking to CAL
eating top dog

experiencing the late 60’s
transforming Telegraph

and walking in the woods
in tilden park
high up in the hills
overlooking the bay area

Recalling people I barely knew

over the years
I have known so many people
and now when the virus
is spreading out around the world

I will soon be hearing
that this person has died
and that person has died

I will outlive many of my friends
from around the world
part of getting old
something that I fear

one day perhaps
people will hear
that jake has died
and they will say

that they barely knew me
and wished that they had
taken the time
to become my friend

Just as I think
about all the friends
i am about to loose
to this killer virus
running amuck

corona fears
the word fills us with dread
spreading around the world today
will we all survive this