Back then, in the rain, when I saw you
Dazzling eyes, like a child, you smiled
It was a dusty place, there were people of sand
You were, like a child, lost in the wonderland
Not to know, what to do, you wandered aimlessly
Kicking the rules, running amuck, you played carelessly
At last, tired and aghast, you longed for his lips
Who would, sing lullaby, with a goodnight kiss
Back then, in the rain, I was about to leave
Terrified, like a child, you started to cry
You were, a pale bud, growing in the crack of a rock
A tall wall, surrounded you, so that nobody could talk
Your heart, aching with pain, isolated from the ruthless world
Waiting for sunshine, like a solitary lotus, growing in the mud
Your child spirit, with smell of heaven, so pure & intense
Hyenas were, orbiting around, in the human pretence
Back then, in the rain, I decided to stay
You spread your arms, like a child, open & wide
I hugged you, in the silence, with warmth and care
I took it upon me, to be with you, love you forever
We danced around, sang songs, surfed ocean blue
I promised a place to you, where dreams come true
You yelled, echoed in the valley, my teddy-buddy names
We played, day and night, funny foolish games
Back then, in the rain, you were my destiny
Not anymore like a child, but matured and wise
You, my kid, grown & shined like a rose in full bloom
In the mist & dew, we made love, under the full moon
I hold your hand, through all good and harm
I always tried my best, to be your lucky charm
I worshipped you and turned you into my Goddess
I fancied me as your prince and you as my princess
Back then, in the rain, my fate played its hand
Sobbing and alone, like a child, I wept and wept
I was furious, as you were one of the people of sand
The day, you flew away, holding a rich hand
I realised, I had never been prince, but just a gardener
Just looking after you, could never be your partner
My lady, as you grown stronger and stronger
It was the day, you didn’t need me any longer
Back then, in the rain, my heart was on fire
Murder was my plan and revenge was desire
You stabbed me in the back and robbed my soul
Then a demon, I invited to live, in my empty skull
I realised, in the moment of heat, death is no leveller
Then why to settle for less, if I can be the hideous lover
Extreme love, then extreme hate, why does it happen?
Pain of betrayal, loss of soul, then heart becomes rotten
Back then, in the rain, life went on, years came and gone
I found my solace, relief from pain, at an asylum for insane
Day after day, year after years, you kept coming by
Trying to search, a trace of memory, in my empty eye
Guilt gathered around your aged face like a spider’s net
Ghost of treason, around your neck, is the heaviest weight
My Goddess I destroyed and turned you into mortal
Now you are nothing but a mere flesh & bone skeleton
Back then, in the rain, love lost to vengeance
I was stubborn, so were you! Struggled harder for redemption
I loved you enough to let you go but not enough to accept you back
You cried, begged, fought, fatigued & aghast, but hope never lost
I took my revenge with a controlled patience
I erased my memories; I denied your existence
No hate, no revelry, no anger, no violence
Nothing surpasses indifference and silence



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