Is restless in the way that it runs
In waves and rushes through my acidic blood.
It burns nice and even like a flame when it meets
The gasoline I'm spreading through these trash-ridden streets.
I'd soon see them vacant 
Even better,
Forgotten beneath all the rocks and the weather
I've employed just to see this whole place destroyed,
Including all the things I've thoroughly enjoyed
From the beginning, now I'm slipping
Into fears that are gripping.
The voices rip and scream in a way that is crippling.
I think I might be tripping and this IV is dripping,
And the stains that it makes have not been forgiving.
I'm living
On morphine, and morphine, and morphine,
And angst
With warnings, and warnings, and warnings
Of shame,
Absorbed like a drug through my veins to my brain.
It's still too inflamed, but outside it rains and it rains.
She claims
She's my fixture,
The end, the big picture,
But right now, all I want is some pants with a zipper.
It's winter
And I'm sweating.
My disease is still spreading.
I thought I left it behind in my last change of bedding.
I'm forgetting
The heat of headlights
That fought against all my fight
But alas-
Hello, future.
You were so hard to find.



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