A woman was playing a Music in an auditorium,
I was sitting outside (with my artistic world of Sketch frames. Paper and Pencil,)
I was in a pensive mood and The auditorium I don't have enough money to attend
the show but the music was playing inside
Sounds like a poet is a rhyming poem
That plays in mind,
Lyrics couldn't get to hear
so music worked me to find
The sketch I look for, ready to say artist narrates the voice of life it made me Bliss.
"Tangible made her from the first glimpse made on the canvas of heart remains
forever the best sketch of life cause she was my first complete art & first love for eternity.”
The Prodigy Girl with Vogue beauty is my obsess over her,
Her Magical Eyes
Her Talkative Brows                                    
  Her beautiful Nose                                   
  Her Sultry lips
Make her face with
Her Versatility Voice
Her coiffure Hair
Makes the complete art
And rest,
The affection of her will never die.