In the light of autumn skies,
one might sense this blind turbulent endeavour,
raptures veering like some wanton thunderstorm,
behind dark moon frost allure,
amber leaf vortex among bemused grey clouds,
gust-ridden disco blue hue,
tumbling high jinx from skyline moist beams,
damp rot urban shed cluster,
nomad squatter plight,
so at odds with pending freeze,
summer folly red blaze passed,,
heatwave immigrant rues latent scorn
a strained close quarter riddle,
never ending once an everlasting phase,
now deep chill month outlier,
sunshine and wet portent’s quaint platform,                 eccenteuc tide or mere blot,                                                   mud-splattered  ocean grazing bleak ink stain  pier,               lone wolf lifebuoy weeps,
shifting sand element's interval

A Suzette prime is a type of poem crated by Suzette Richards which follows a specific syllable rhyming scheme. Each line of the poem must consist of syllables that are of a prime number only. A prime number is a natural-based number that is bigger than one that has no other positive divisors besides one and itself. This style of poetry follows the rule that each line must consist of syllables of prime numbers only. If the poem does not follow this rule, it will not be considered a Suzette Prime poem.

These poems may be written about anything one wishes, generally, though they are usually written about philosophy pertaining to something important to the author. This type of poetry is meant to make the reader think, while also following the specific rhyming syllable scheme of prime numbers. One popular Suzette prime poem is "A Seagull's Plight" By Galeo DS, which allows the reader to open their thoughts and experience something with the writer. This is common for Suzette Prime poems



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