by ENahte

Upon the darkened prairie
a Comanche Moon shines,
rising from the horizon
and a swath of yellow pines.

Rousted from the tall grass
where buffaloes once roamed--
rabbits, ferrets and bobwhites
from the safety of their homes.

The ground doth tremble
and the earth doth quake.
Advancing shadows from the forest
disrupt the peaceful state.

Grasshoppers fly from their perch.
Wolf packs bound out of sight.
Something deadly stalks the prairie
shedding blood on the moon this night.

A small village sits quietly
unexpecting and serene,
oblivious to the violence
encroaching upon the scene.

The rumble of hooves stampeding
crashes through night’s air.
A mongrel sounds the alert -
the guard stands prepared.

The slumbering village stirs awake
as a great horned owl cries out.
Men prepare and brace for battle
to a din of shots and shouts.

The attack is quick and ruthless.
The predators slaughter their prey.
Soldiers -  murdering natives,
a peaceful camp they do slay.

A sabre runs through a mother’s back
and skewers a little child.
A shot in the face of a father
with a rifle, the range of a mile.

Off with the head of an old man
blind and wandering free.
A slug to the heart of a brave
who wanted naught but serenity.

Silvery light of the night
melts to crimson red
as the white man’s horse
tramples the injured and dead.

Cavalry, using lessons and tactics
from the Comanche tribes.
Taking advantage of a brilliant moon,
tearing down the Red Man’s lives.

Swords and rifles flash
fatally destroying a tribe.
Orders from the government
condoning the genocide.

Upon the darkened prairie
a Comanche Moon shines,
dipping into blood on the horizon
leaving carnage for vultures to dine.



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