by DavidKM

Disconcerting to say the least

We should have been used to it

Beginning late last millennium

And in the teens

Stronger economies

Stronger individuals

Buying up just about everything

That wasn't nailed down

And plenty of things that were

Of course some Italian ex-bureaucrat

Bought the Brooklyn Bridge

Never mind his country

Was sliding down the tubes

Faster than the good old US of A.

No use in mourning

The good old days our parents knew

Two cars in the garage

Summer home on the lake

Four weeks vacation

Only bankers have that now

And the Saudis, and the Chinese,

and the Indians

Like I said, we should have been used to it

Nothing to mourn when those little fellers

With the big eyes and little chins

Started buying up whatever people would sell

In some ways it was good

So what if the old train station

Was 30,000,000,000,000 miles

Northwest of where it used to be

At least somebody was taking care of it

And hey, once again, real estate agent

Was a good career



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