I wish it could be different,
I wish it wasn't you,
I wish we could be anywhere else,
Distance damned and to Hell with truths.
I wish I'd seen your eyes
Before they'd found a home in here.
I never wanted to call this home, and I know you feel so, too.
I wish I could fight back,
I pray to god for sweet revenge,
It's a waste of time, the way I try to struggle against these binds.
I wish they'd disappear,
Just like the hope I used to hide
From everyone that tries to take it from the lockets in my mind.
I wish you wouldn't forgive me
So easily every time.
Sometimes I forget that I'm not guilty.
Sometimes I forget that I'm still alive.
I wish I could believe you
When you say "I'm just glad we survived."
I just wish that I could save you,
And that's the only wish that matters
At all,
My greatest wish that slowly dies,
My craziest wish that surely dies,
Much like the spirits of you and I.
There's no more spirit in
You and I.



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