Rain touches me
when I touch the rain,
every drop of rain
just makes feel
like "There is something
I have to endure
It is the hearing of water,
the smell of soil,
and taste of clouds."

Each raindrop remind me of mixed memories
some remind me of my childhood moments
some about my pain some about my success,
it is something magical I feel in every touch of rain
which has a story to say as to reveal everything
that is a part of my journey.

Rain in different drops of water
feels that I have someone who reminds me
who I was yesterday to who I am today,
it reminds me of everything even
it is the best friend for the
feelings of solitude to lonesome that
doesn't make you feel anymore alone, it is the rain.

It drops for happiness and also for the sadness
It is a sign of happiness and also for sadness.
So it what I call that rain is soothing music for me.
For my mind, for my heart, and for my soul.