Desert sounds night sky down
trimming pinks purples and blues

searching for flowing child blonde hair with curls
all tangled up wants her gram
Running away from her mom and dad
her baby sister left with them

Flowing Child seeks the way to find her gram
leaving no trail when moving at night

This path is very hard for her to travel
she knows if Gram is called
Gram will find her.

Her mom is going around frantic where is she
My flowing child?

Randall reaches for her hand to comfort her
which is not working at all.

Flowing Child went to her Grams house
to get some answers to the long questions.
My mom will tell her the truth about the long questions.

Flowing Child moves on across the desert thinking
how beautiful its at night.

She is not afraid being out on the desert
her Gram told her many things
before she was moved away from Grams home

Grams phone rings wondering who is calling
so late that night.

Gram its Flowing Child your granddaughter I just have to speak with you.
Can you come to get me by the desert tree?

Grams rushes to desert tree seeing Flowing Child standing there.
I am so happy to see you Gram she gushes.
I have to know the truth about the long questions.
You will not lie to me for any reason.
I know that inside my heart.

Grams asked Does your mom know you have left to come here?
No I did not tell her or my dad nor leave any note.
Well you need to call them says Gram.
Flowing Child calls her mom to let here know she is safe.
Her mom says let me to talk to Gram.

Mom Did you tell her about the Long ?
No you need to come here and tell her with me present.
I will wait for you to come in the morning.
Flowing child can stay here tonight.

Her mom was there in the morning drinking coffee with her gram.
I wanted answers you would not tell me nor the truth.
My poppa knew and he is no longer here. I felt gram would speak the truth.
Gram and mom told her the truth about the Long questions.
Never again were her mom and gram ever separated.
Gram was forever loved until she went home to be with her Lord Jesus.



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