. Fossil

Dig me up
And you will find
Somewhere deep in my bones,
Prints of extinct memories of love,
Of an era of primitive ages,
That might be a species then
That no longer exists nowadays.
In the glen of my breaths,
A breeze of yore,
Where you can still smell
Fragrance of those roses,
Which withered before blossoming.
And somewhere on the cuts of meristematic wrinkles of my flesh,
The imprints of that bed sheet of our dreams still echoes.
Examine somewhere deep in my heart,
And you will get, those recessive and dominant ambitions,
Carved here and there.
Who says fossils are found only under the rocks and in cold layers of ice?
In my whole body and in heart you can see
Fossils of my love, ambitions, and of all my memories.

© Hardeep Sabharwal



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