When I was a little kid, I dreamed a lot,
I thought that everything can be bought.
I dreamed about many, meaningless things.
I truly wanted to live the life of kings.
From time to time, I dreamed about being rich.
I desired glittering stuff and kitsch.
When I started going to school, I dreamed less,
We all became generic, dreaming only caused stress.
I wanted good grades like everyone does,
They wanted success, so, successful I was.
From time to time, dreams would come back,
But they were empty and colored black.
When I was in high school, I felt lost,
Everything had a price, everything cost.
I dreamed about people, shallow and vain,
They were all around me, smothered in pain.
From time to time, I dreamed of love,
It came to me in form of a white dove.
When I grew up, I realized how silly my dreams were.
I didn't need the glitter or kitsch, I needed her.
I was raised wrong, the system is corrupted,
They didn't teach love, we were wrongly instructed.
From time to time, I fight the battle already lost,
But I'll keep preaching of love, at any cost. 



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