We thanks to them more
to whom we love more,
but we forget to thank them
Who loves us more as to
whom we love more,
but we don't express our love,
It's the right time,
You know and I know of
whom I'm talking about,
they are from the
beginning of our life
(they gave us this life) and
going to be always with us, so now I,
you and we need to thank them by telling
them and showing them
"we thanks to them
more to we love more"
To our parents,
on this father's day
I have a request, it is for me and from me
to all my friends, to go and thank your
father and wish him happy father's day,
He is the man who hides everything within
to show us that everything is fine,

He is the man who works for our bright
future and also Sacrificing his own dreams
for our sack,

He is the man to see what his child need is
and to fulfill it anyhow, he gives his best he
works very hard and also for children's
the happiness he can do anything
He is the man To look, love, care but
doesn't show much and never expect
anything is
How a "Super Dad" and super father is
And for me my father is my life, I am very
close to him also he is my inspiration,
motivation, mirror, reflection, shadow, love
and Most important a friend,
so I wish him a happy father's day and
promise to be with him in the journey
called life.
Happy Father's Day.. love you and respect you forever.

Thank you.