zilch = the current net result dabbling with said medium
which upside per literary skill
   allows, enables and provides
a golden opportunity
   to write my own nonestablishmentarian epitaph.

Though gleeful at assiduous followers
(one attractive babe, who responds
nearly instantaneously per my posts)–
noun heed to make a non verb bull ass

of mice elf just as the fisherman
gets along swimmingly catching bass
the empty Lenovo screen
   serves this scrivener as his canvas
please dune hot coon sitter me

   filled with nothing but gas,
and hot air, cuz
   ah n’er expected avid fans -
   at least one fetching lass,
who (if insight on target)

   finds thine peon hiss ova this older gentleman
   tingling while en nah mass
asthma whole being electrified,   
   which sensation will not pass
and tremble a trifle by attempting
   to communicate in poetic code

aesthetically captivating
   enchanting gals unsure if I goad
dissolution of an online fanciful
   yearning to befriend via mode
dis operandi vis a vis trying

   to cap cha feeling without node
fizzling, sputtering thence,
   extinguishing itself, though this road
not take may spell a mutually
   positive rapport – no worry, this toad

refrain asking for a kiss,
      which would prompt ye
   to reply frog get it buster
or perhaps cease invisibly
   tracking mine whereabouts while unlike Custer
(General George Armstrong),

   that Civil War swaggering braggadocio muster
viz that Battle of Little Big Horn,
   though a salient lurch by Native Americans
their utter demise, extinction,

   and yes…genocide a blot as if cans
of inexpugnable dyestuff
   displeases this student of history and fans
the flames of such passion
   (as well as infatuation with words) intrans
sit while astride this oblate spheroid

   re: planet earth flush wish LANS
to connect people across
   globe asper World Wide Web and spans
cosmos countless light years distant,
   this awesome tele
porting bits of electrical signals astounds me,

   and allows ad vans
his to curry familiarization
   with such an alluring word smith…aye
wonder if this expostulation

   might set thyself in a fools paradise with bye
dude forfeiting further exchanges –
   thus the ILOVEWORDS smote this guy
and takes a risk to expand
   realm of interacting – your choice hie
accept, but a giddiness washes

   over this mortal – no fabrication nor lie
though tis wise to avoid continuing
   to pester – and find my
self banned from this website
   all because a pleasing gal well nigh

insinuated herself (whether
   purposefully or otherwise) –
   so now hand ply
me thru the cyber sea back

   to thine bastion of land,
   the house of Pooh's corner, and glow with effort to try
my utmost effort to downplay great expectations,
   but…yukon text or send an email.



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