Flinty stones figuratively rolling inside
whooping out that primal
binaural beat of your drum
ma mind haphazardly
ricocheting axon to neuron
inducing inxs of chaos
wreaking entropy beheld
by beauty and the beast
enveloping means to enjoy
sacred moments treasured

savoring, seizing, and signaling salad days
because you’re young
within reliquary of fragile cerebral dome
croaking before proving betty wrong
frost bitten cyber surfing
butter fingers glove lee hutted,
inciting ire of uncle sam i.e. big brother
flitting to n fro-hither n yon
microscopic wingspan
encompassing the greensward

from black country rock
in search of poem I can offer,
fancying this nonestablishmentarian
wearing a black tie white noise
thus herewith meanders
this binary, a lobbed
bot tommy bit wan
burning cheeks when power
restored from blackout
being bitta bing bitta bang

resonating with nonsense syllables
blah blah blah
non supernova star
provided location to scan
oozing life source when mum
did bleed like a crazed dad
from other end of earth lan
ding soft as a well-
worn pair of blue jeans
(weighed with ire -

that rocks me precariously
dodging fisticuffs from
beastie boys keep swinging
upon precipice of kat man do) I ran
creating the rush of breaking glass
here comes chaste,
cher full sunny (bono fide)
indulging the audience
with a brilliant adventure
super duper man to provide aid,

where panting damsel in distress
clamoring for someone
to bring me the disco king
no matter out of breath
sagging  pants like whirring fan
whining intonations iterated
from buddha of suburbia
self propelled from...flatulence
from consuming whey to much bran.

Well, I (with forrest gump by my side) attest
stinging cactus
life haint no box of heart shaped chalk a lits
hoping thee can you hear me
for snapping jaws of zee bill collectors
to tittle late each breast
pounding pulsations indicative
perchance can’t help thinking about me
this bloke shipwreck tubby
one of hue man species best

vying with a slew
of many presidential candidate
buys to hire, a modest fellow
meowing as purr ring cat people
who does not thump his genetic chest
indicating positive changes
like an alpinist
scale lean bosom o mount everest
yodeling millennial chant
of the ever circling skeletal family

enjoying breathtaking view as visual fest
with a mild manner demeanor
as like some guest
kindling warmth against the chilly down
a lighthearted genteel friendly dude,
one who doth like to jest
flirting delightfully with a lovely china girl
shattering porcelain damsel
clatters with a ching a ling

age inappropriate actions
get this opportunity messed
decrying the rampant killing at columbine
since initial writing of these lines
other school shootings
up in order to support dependents in this nest
espying a sale asia come and buy my toys
with me hen pecking spouse
i.e. argh quite thee pest
repeating ad infinitum

the death of david bowie
as conversation piece
though now back on track
sans per philanthropist quest
annihilating with urban blight
a megalopolis crack city
in order to put msn
(miss in) mailer daemons
the mind of this live earth-linked cool

ostracizing once famous,
but now cracked actor
hotmail yahoo at rest
praying not to become firearm fodder
from this criminal world
according to sir isaac newton
when object least stressed
maintaining molecular composition
wrought like crystal japan.




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